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The Ministry is the primary advisor to Government on public policies that affect women and the key catalyst for the implementation of the Women’s Plan of Action 1999-2008.

The Women’s Plan of Action includes strategic objectives and directions for action in:

  • Mainstreaming of women’s and gender concerns in the planning process and all policy areas;
  • Women and the Law;
  • Micro-Enterprise Development;
  • Balancing Gender in Decision Making; and
  • Violence Against Women and Children (View Statistics)

The Ministry chairs the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Women and provides secretarial support to the five Taskforces who implement The Women’s Plan of Action.

The Ministry assists the Government work towards the full and active participation of women in society and does this by producing the following outputs. Policy advice, including a gender analysis of the various public policy issues that affect women and on a wide range of issues relating to women’s development. Ministerial support services, including the preparation of speech notes and speeches, advisory support to the Minister in Cabinet Committees, preparation of press releases, and administrative support to the Minister as Chair of the National Women’s Advisory Council. Women and gender advisory services to assist other ministries/departments develop gender-inclusive approaches in order to mainstream women and gender concerns in their policies, programmes/projects, legislation’s, procedures and practices. Gender training services are provided to ministries and departments and seminars on strategic and practical gender needs to women in the community. The administration of grants and development aid to women’s groups complement Government’s actions in the implementation of the Women’s Plan of Action 1999-2008.

What Are Our Current Programs?

  1. Women's Social and Economic Development Program (WOSED) is a micro-enterprise program being conducted in selected areas throughout Fiji. The objective of the program is to enhance the social, economic and political status of women so they can participate confidently and meaningfully at all levels of the development process.

    Download WOSED (PDF)*

  2. The Nominations Service is a database which is a computerized directory of skilled and experienced women who are available for nomination for government bodies. The Department provides to Ministers and government the names of women suitable for appointment to statutory boards and committees.

    Download the Nomination Form (PDF)*

    View gender analysis for civil servants

  3. Legal Literacy. There is a tendency for laws to be written in a language and style that makes them virtually beyond the understanding of "ordinary" people. Women are adversely affected by this as they have less access to news and information about the legislation. To compound the the problem, there are very few people who are equipped with the knowledge and information to be able to tell the women and the community at large about these laws. The Department for Women and Culture facilitates training in this area.

Assistant to Women's Projects

Assistance to strenghten Women's Organisations (Grants to Women's Organisations). The department recognises the vital role of women's organisations in the development process. Grants are intended to provide core budget assistance to associations/organisations to strenghten their institutional capacities in the community. Applications should be made to the department.

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